Generation Now

We live in a social media driven world. There so much good that can come from that, but there’s are so many bad things that come instead.

People are bullied. You can post a photo that you think is cute or funny, then someone can comment things like, “Why would you post this?” “Who wants to see that?” “Kill yourself. Lol.”

You feel self-conscience in your own skin. Girls go on social media and find photos of Angelina Jolie or Selena Gomez and think, “Wow, why don’t I look like her? Why am I not as skinny as she is?” And it’s not just celebrities that we see looking like that. We can go online and see girls in our classes flaunting in bikinis on the beach and wonder why our hair is a jumbled mess when our classmates look like Victoria’s Secret Angels.

(Don’t think this only applies to girls. Since I’m a girl, I don’t know what goes on in a guy’s head, but I know that body image isn’t confined to one gender.)

Feeling like you aren’t popular enough. You go on Instagram and see that you have a couple of new followers, which is awesome! You’re finally up to 230 followers! Oh, but your classmate, who posts the same things as you, has 687 followers? What are you doing wrong?

I want this blog to be a happy place on social media. I want people to be happy when they read my posts, to be able to relate to what I write.

Yeah, I struggle with the same things on social media. I haven’t been bullied to the extreme, but I know people who have, and it sucks for them. I have seen photos of girls I know, and my favorite celebrities, and wondered why I didn’t feel as pretty as them.

But nobody should feel like that. Our generation should feel like we can do anything no matter what we look like. You like someone? Tell them. You think you look cute today in that outfit? Flaunt down the hallways like you’re Beyoncé. 

Bring up your generation with what you say. Be a light in the darkness.



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