New Years Resolutions

Hellos, world!

I know I briefly touched on one of my Resolutions in my last post, but I thought I would put down my other Resolutions.

Top 4 New Years Resolutions:

1. Take care of my body. I don’t mean to work out (cause Lord knows I won’t). I mean to eat better. I used to eat junk food all the time, probably because I don’t know the difference between actually being hungry and boredom.

2. Take care of my mind. This year, I really want to work on clearing my mind and reducing my stress.

3. Don’t get involved in pointless drama. My school is very small, so I get roped into a lot of pointless drama. It brings me down, seeing my friends talk about each other even if they don’t mean what they’re saying. Most of the drama is just based on hearsay, and a lot of the time, the gossip isn’t even true.

4. Don’t be negative. See my last post for this explanation.

5. Focus on YouTube. Yes, I have a YouTube channel. No, I am not going to say what it is. (This is an anonymous blog, after all!) I haven’t been giving my YouTube channel much thought lately, but this year, I want to start posting on it regularly.

I hope this maybe gave you ideas for your New Years Resolutions!



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